Margaret Wilson

Affiliated Faculty, Course Director of the MSc in Forensic Psychology
University of Surrey (UK)
+44 (0) 1483-686907

Margaret is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and Course Director of the MSc in Forensic Psychology. She has a range of interests in forensic psychology but is best known for her work on the psychology of terrorism, in particular hostage taking, negotiation and the prediction of outcome. In 2005 she trained as a hostage negotiator with the Kent Police. Margaret has been awarded a number of research grants from both research council and other sources and has supervised doctoral and masters students in a wide range of applied psychological research. In addition to academic teaching, Margaret also has a great deal of experience in the provision of lectures, workshops, and training courses tailored to the diverse needs of a wide variety of other professional groups, including politicians, forensic medical practitioners, hostage negotiators (police and prison service), clinical psychologists, security and law enforcement personnel, as well as other criminal justice professionals. She regularly speaks on her research at international symposia.


  • University of Surrey, Ph.D.

Lead Investigator on START Research Projects