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START Releases 2011 Research Review

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism has released its 2011 Research Review. The featured review summarizes completed research projects by START investigators.

START's research aims to analyze and explain a range of topics relevant to current terrorism and counterterrorism issues. Written and visual works are included in each research project to organize and describe the project findings.

The 10 featured research projects in the 2011 Research Review include:

  • "Terrorism vs. Protest: Stimulating Individual Decision-making via Online Experiments"- Anthony Lemieux and Victor Asal
  • "Trajectories of Terror: Islamic Radicalization in North America"- Gary Ackerman and John Sawyer
  • "Jokers Wild: Understanding the Influence of Service Provision on Popular Support for and Participation in Violent Political Groups"- Shawn Flanigan
  • "IED I.D.- Understanding Terrorist Bomb Attacks and Improvised Explosive Device Usage"- Margaret Wilson, Gary LaFree and Richard Legault
  • "Wicked Web: Social Network Analysis for Combating Islamic and Arab Terrorist Networks"- Victor Asal and R. Karl Rethemeyer
  • "Cause and Effect: Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Israel and Palestinian Territories"- Arie Kruglanski, Laura Dugan and Erica Chenoweth
  • "Against the Clock: Measuring Intervention Success in Terrorist Activity"- Kelly Damphousse, Brent Smith and Summer Jackson
  • "Terror's Legacy: Quantitative Index of the Public Health Impacts of Terrorism"- Kathleen Sherrieb and Fran Norris
  • "The Missing Piece: Citizen Engagement in Public Health Planning"- Monica Schoch-Spana
  • "Clear, Calm, Collected: Communicating Effectively During Times of Threat"- Elaine Vaughan, Hamilton Bean, Kathleen Smarick and Dennis Mileti

To obtain a printed copy of 2011 Research Review, please contact infostart@umd.edu. An online version is available here.

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