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Developing Consensus on Strengthening Article X(1) of the NPT


The aim of this study is to examine and address some of the concerns of NPT States Parties and groupings on strengthening Article X(1) - withdrawal, of the NPT. In particular, it explores some of the policy and technical issues and puts forward specific steps that can be taken by the NPT States Parties at the upcoming NPT Review Conference which takes place from 27 April to 22 May 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This publication focuses specifically on addressing concerns about NPT States Parties that could potentially abuse the Treaty’s provisions and then withdraw from the Treaty or those that benefit from the peaceful uses of nuclear technology under cover of the NPT, withdraw and then use the materials for non-peaceful purposes rather than states that are in compliance and/or do not pose proliferation concerns.

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Dr. Sonia Drobysz, Onur Guven, Xuejiao Hu, Hellmut Lagos, Egle Murauskaite, Dr. Jenny Nielsen, and Meena Singelee. 2015. "Develoipoing Consensus on Strengthening Article X(1) of the NPT." The International Network of Emerging Nuclear Specialists (February) http://www.inens.org/index.php/publications/researchbriefs​

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