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Huachicoleros: Violence in Guanajuato Over Control of Illicit Petroleum


Part of the "Tracking Cartels Infographic Series," this brief details cartel involvement in the illicit fuel trade in Mexico.

  • Fuel theft has become a primary concern for Mexico’s economic and political stability as the number of illicit taps and diverse ways to pilfer fuel continues to rise.

  • CJNG and CSRL battle for control of the illicit petroleum economy in the second Triángulo Rojo of huachicol (Salamanca, Iraputo, and Celaya).

  • Financial losses from fuel theft amount to around $1.1 billion annually.

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Henkin, Samuel. 2020. "Huachicoleros: Violence in Guanajuato Over Control of Illicit Petroleum." College Park, MD: START (June). https://www.start.umd.edu/pubs/JointCOEProject_TrackingCartels04_GuanajuatoIllicitPetroleum_June2020.pdf

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