Samuel D. Henkin

Geospatial Research Unit (GRU) Researcher, START
University of Maryland

Dr. Samuel Henkin is a political geographer whose expertise sits at the intersection of the geographies of political violence, the strategic geopolitics of security, and emerging global security risks, specifically climate change. As a political geographer, his current research investigates how climate-related security challenges may exacerbate societal tensions, disrupt geopolitical relationships, and create new threats to national and international security and human security in places experiencing vulnerability to climatic changes. Dr. Henkin applies diverse geographic knowledge and geospatial methods to study, analyze, and draw attention to connecting climate change and security to begin to consider what indicators, measures, and scientific practices can be used to understand climate security’s complex relations. Overall, Dr. Henkin maintains an innovative research and teaching portfolio that draws on varied frameworks and methodologies that better understand the dynamic, diverse, and complex challenges facing our world.


Summer/Winter Courses – START offers fully online summer and winter courses each year, which are open to any current degree seeking student or non-degree seeking individual.

Global Terrorism Studies Minor – This University of Maryland undergraduate program is designed to train the next generation of terrorism analysts, including students who plan to pursue graduate study related to terrorism as well as employment in the federal, state, local, non-profit, and/or private sectors.

Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis – This online graduate program provides participants with advanced education on the causes, dynamics and impacts of international and domestic terrorism.

Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Security and Terrorism Studies – This online graduate program prepares students to examine the complex social, political, economic, and psychological underpinnings of terrorist and other asymmetric security threats.


  • University of Kansas, Ph.D., Geography
  • Kent State University, M.A., Geography
  • Miami University of Ohio, B.A., Political Science

Selected Publications

Climate Change and Security (Research Brief)