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The Pits: Violence in Michoacán Over Control of Avocado Trade


Part of the "Tracking Cartels Infographic Series," this brief details the violence in Michoacán over control of the avocado trade. It includes these key discussion points:

  • A “green gold rush” is happening in central Mexico, as avocado production has become increasingly lucrative for cartels to exploit as part of their criminal diversification strategy.

  • CJNG is competing violently with the Nueva Familia Michoacana, Tepalcatepec Cartel, and Zicurián Cartel to dominate this growing criminal economy in Michoacán state, the world’s top avocado producing area.

  • CJNG exercises extortion schemes against avocado producers, and those who fail to make payments may be kidnapped or killed.

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Henkin, Samuel. 2020. "The Pits: Violence in Michoacán Over Control of Avocado Trade." College Park, MD: START (June). www.start.umd.edu/pubs/JointCOEProject_TrackingCartels03_AvocadoTrade_ResearchBrief_June2020.pdf

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