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Major Cartel Operational Zones in Mexico


Part of the "Tracking Cartels Infographic Series," this brief details the overall project as well as the cartel operational zones in Mexico. It includes these key discussion points:

  • Major cartel fragmentation has led to increasingly adaptable, agile, and competitively violent criminal organizations.
  • The geographical expansion of cartels has led to greater territorial contestation over drug plazas, trafficking routes, and illicit markets.
  • Seeking greater profit, cartels are diversifying and increasing in criminal density through criminal activities like extortion, kidnapping, and money laundering.

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Henkin, Samuel. 2020. "Major Cartel Operational Zones in Mexico." College Park, MD: START (June). https://www.start.umd.edu/pubs/JointCOEProject_TrackingCartels01_OperationalZonesMexico_ResearchBrief_June2020.pdf

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