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Narratives and counter-narratives for global jihad: Opinion versus action


In this chapter, the authors argue that different audiences accept different parts of the ‘Global Jihad’ narrative;
that many agree with the narrative who will never engage in radical action or terrorism; and that security
forces should not target the narrative as if targeting terrorists. One implication of their analysis is a need
for caution against overreach with respect to counter-narratives, that is, against too expansive an understanding
of what sort of narratives are to be countered. Their analysis endeavors to pinpoint what and what
not to target and why, and reveals that different counter-narratives are required to combat each part of the
‘Global Jihad’ narrative and the subset of Muslims who believe it.

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Leuprecht, C., and T. Hataley, S. Moskalenko, C. McCauley. 2010. "Narratives and counter-narratives for global jihad: Opinion versus action."  Pp. 58-71 in Eelco J.A.M. Kessels (Ed.), Countering violent extremist narratives.  Breda, The Netherlands: National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb).