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PIRUS: Comparing Violent and Non-Violent Offenders


The Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS) data include extremist offenders who committed violent and non-violent crimes in the United States through 2021. Violent crimes are defined as acts that are intended to hurt or kill people. Non-violent crimes include vandalism, financial crimes, and acts of property damage in which the offender(s) took steps to ensure that no one would be harmed. With the PIRUS data, users can (1) identify which ideologies, groups, and movements mobilize individuals to violence most often; (2) learn about the radicalization trajectories of violent and non-violent offenders; and (3) isolate the risk and protective factors that distinguish violent offenders from those who commit less serious crimes. This research brief provides an overview of these topics.

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Jensen, Michael, Sheehan Kane, and Elena Akers. 2023. "PIRUS: Comparing Violent and Non-Violent Offenders." College Park, MD: START (July).