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Project Fact Sheet: Monitor and Mitigate: The Impact of COVID-19 on Public Safety


The project fact sheet describes a project in which START and Second Sight Training Systems explore the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic's effects on the first responder community.

The goal of the project is to measure the impact of COVID-19 on first responder organizations, identify and share best practices you can put in place to protect yourself in the short term, and identify strategies to make first responder organizations more resilient to pandemics in the future. Specific objectives include:

1. Build situational awareness of COVID-19 and its effects on first responders.

2. Analyze and understand literature regarding past pandemics’ effects on first responders and other public safety organizations.

3. Provide initial best-practice guidelines for public safety organizations in public health emergencies.

4. Monitor current events, collect data, and rapidly synthesize information for use by first responders.

5. Review practices and planning guidance and analyze data to identify and disseminate evidence-informed practices.

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Pate, Amy, Nathan Meehan, and Barnett Koven. 2020. "Monitor & Mitigate: The Impact of COVID-19 on Public Safety." College Park, MD: START (September).