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Publication Titlesort descending Publication Date START Authors Type Research Areas Regions
Turning Away from Terrorism: Lessons from Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology September 2014 Horgan, John Journal Article Individual Behavior Global
Twenty-First Century Jihad: Law, Society and Military Action April 2015 Book Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements Global
Types of Minority Discrimination and Terrorism November 2012 Piazza, James A. Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
Tyrants and Terrorism: Why Some Autocrats are Terrorized While Others are Not September 2014 Young, Joseph Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
U.S. Emergency Management in the 21st Century: From Disaster to Catastrophe December 2019 Cutter, Susan Book Resilience North America
U.S. Muslims after 9/11: Poll Trends 2001-2007 March 2009 McCauley, Clark Journal Article Terrorism and Society, Individual Behavior North America
Ukrainian Volunteer Fighters in the Eastern Front: Ideas, Political-Social Norms and Emotions as Mobilization Mechanisms February 2016 Karagiannis, Emmanuel Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Eastern Europe
Under What Conditions Does Ethnic Conflict Result in Armed Violence? January 2017 McCauley, Clark Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements Global
Understanding Al-Qa’ida’s Business Model January 2011 Gallo, Alex Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
Understanding and Mitigating the Impacts of Massive Relocations Due to Disasters April 2017 Bier, Vicki Journal Article Resilience North America
Understanding Criminal Networks, Political Order, and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean November 2009 Arias, Enrique Book Chapter
Understanding Motivated Publics during Disasters: Examining Message Functions, Frames, and Styles of Social Media Influentials and Followers October 2019 Liu, Brooke Journal Article Risk Communication
Understanding Political Radicalization: The Two-Pyramids Model April 2017 McCauley, Clark; Moskalenko, Sophia Journal Article Radical Beliefs and Behavior Global
Understanding Recruitment to Organized Crime and Terrorism June 2020 Weisburd, David Book Crime and Terrorism
Understanding Terrorism June 2017 Braddock, Kurt Book Chapter Radical Beliefs and Behavior, Deradicalization, Disengagement Global
Understanding Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism November 2017 Singh, Rashmi Book Counterterrorism Global
Understanding Terrorism Innovation and Learning: Al-Qaeda and Beyond April 2015 Ranstorp, Magnus Book Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements Global, Western Europe
Understanding the Adoption Process of National Security Technology: An Integration of Diffusion of Innovations and Volitional Behavior Theories February 2017 Liu, Brooke; Smith, Daniel; Ackerman, Gary; Roberts, Holly; Iles, Irina A.; Egnoto, Michael Journal Article Radiological and Nuclear Threats North America
Understanding the Micro-Situational Dynamics of White Supremacist Violence in the United States December 2018 Simi, Peter Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements, Radical Beliefs and Behavior North America
Understanding the ‘War on Terrorism’: Responses to 11th September 2001 January 2006 Wilson, Margaret Journal Article
Unholy Alliances: Evidence on Linkages between Trans-State Terrorism and Crime Networks: The Case of Bosnia June 2010 Mincheva, Lyubov; Gurr, Ted Robert Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements, Crime and Terrorism Eastern Europe
Unholy Alliances? How Trans-state Terrorism and International Crime Make Common Cause March 2006 Gurr, Ted Robert Conference Paper Terrorism and Society, Crime and Terrorism Global
Universal Preventive Interventions for Children in the Context of Disasters and Terrorism April 2014 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article Resilience, Risk Communication Global
Unpacking nonviolent campaigns : Introducing the NAVCO 2.0 dataset May 2013 Chenoweth, Erica Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
Urban Centers Exhibit Differential Vulnerability to Terrorism April 2008 Cutter, Susan Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global


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