Integration of International Architecture Analysis

Project Details


This project will integrate data sources reporting on the current and desired international radiological/nuclear detection (RND) capabilities. In close collaboration with the funder and other stakeholders, the project team will develop comparative metrics for information on assets, programs, capabilities, and threats across all layers and sub-layers within the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA). These comparative metrics and the relevant underlying data will be integrated into an analytical tool that will provide single-point access for  assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing status of the GNDA at the national, regional and international levels, while leveraging existing studies/efforts. Overall, the project would complement existing efforts on data standardization and interoperability on radiological/nuclear event and alarm detection already within the funding office and the larger Intelligence and National Security Communities by standardizing data collected on the other components of the GNDA, including: detection capabilities; law enforcement and intelligence capabilities; legal and policy frameworks countering non-proliferation and nuclear trafficking; nuclear and radiological sources and facilities; commercial transit, travel, and shipping routes; and threats from organized crime and terrorism. This integration effort will likely provide a substantial foundation for the development of new applications for GNDA analysis and development.


Project Period: