PRND Capability Development Framework Mapping

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This study will improve assessments of the current and desired domestic radiological/nuclear detection (RND) capabilities that supports the funder's mission. The first portion of the study reviewed and recommended changes to the Capability Development Framework (CDF), which organizes information about PRND capabilities in the United States and provides strategic risk-based guidance to federal, state, local and tribal planners. The CDF includes two types of risk factors, one related to targets for an RN attack, and the other related to pathways that can be utilized for smuggling RN materials. The CDF allows local jurisdictions to be evaluated against these risk factors and determine their overall risk of becoming either a pathway for RN smuggling or the target of an RN attack. The second part of the project implements the CDF in a geospatial risk assessment tool, which includes a gap analysis between desired and actual capabilities.


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