Risk and Rehabilitation: Supporting the Work of Probation Officers in the Community Reentry of Extremist Offenders

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This project aims to develop a series of online training modules and best practice toolkits geared toward supporting the work of probation officers, criminal justice officials, and service providers that work in the space of extremist offender reintegration.

This project will identify the risk characteristics of extremist offenders, identify individual and community-level barriers to successful reintegration, and provide guidance to probation officers in making risk assessments, providing reintegration services and post-confinement supervision, and offering sentencing and confinement guidelines.


This project proposes three forms of data collection and analysis: 1) Drawing on the NIJ-funded Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS) and associated datasets, the research team will quantitatively assess the characteristics, needs, and recidivism risks for extremist offenders across the United States; 2) Working with the current and former probation officials, the researchers will administer a nationally-representative survey of approximately 600-800 U.S. probation officers to gather information on their experiences in supporting offenders, including extremists; and 3) the research team will) interview approximately 30 probation officers and 10 extremist releasees to gain a more in-depth understanding of reintegration processes, barriers, and strategies for success.


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