Updates to the Leadership of the Extreme and Dangerous for Innovative Results (LEADIR) Dataset


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The Leadership of the Extreme and Dangerous for Innovative Results (LEADIR) dataset examines the organizational psychology of terrorist groups by providing quantitative assessments of their structure, organizational practices, human capital, and leaders’ decision-making style. Using an internal strategic organizational approach, the dataset has shown that leadership, organizational structure, and innovation vary across the various terrorism industries, which has implications for how government resources should be allocated for monitoring and analysis. The dataset can be used to provide advanced indicator and warning signals of which groups will emerge as the most strategically differentiated and capable of malevolent innovation in coming years. The dataset will be updated through 2018 for strategically important organizations and their leaderships. It was founded and is led by Dr. Gina Ligon, associate professor of management and director of R&D at the Center for Collaboration Science at the University of Nebraska Omaha.


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L.E.A.D.I.R. Key Findings (Research Brief)