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DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology, Dr. Charles E. McQueary, speaks to START

In Statements as Keynote Speaker, he stresses START's vital role as an asset in the war on terror. DHS Science & Technology Undersecretary Charles E. McQueary expressed his confidence and expectation that START is an unprecedented force in the fight against terrorism. McQueary admitted that little is known about the social and psychological aspects of terrorism.

"START's work fills a vital need for the Science and Technology directorate to better screen, detect, and prevent acts of terrorism through our understanding of terrorist group behavior, recruitment, and motivations." He said.

He recalled the events of 9/11 and the relentless efforts to prevent another attack.

He said, "The Maryland START center will help strengthen the nation's ability to understand the root causes behind acts of terror and the motivations of terrorists and those who enable them...the more we know about the underlying factors that foment terrorism, the better prepared we are to fight and ultimately defeat it."

The priorities set by START will be insightful in the ongoing war on terror, and will play an integral role in protecting the nation.

McQueary said, "We will develop an effective roadmap that addresses the many social and psychological considerations that must be part of this effort."

He concluded by reaffirming the President's mission of continued support and aid for the victims of Hurricane Katrina which hit the gulf coast on August 29, 2005.

A transcript of McQueary's remarks is available at: /start/announcements/mcquearyremarksfromlaunch.pdf.