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New Fall 2008 UMD Course: Innovation and Terrorist Tactics

New Fall 2008 Undergraduate Course! BSOS388/CCJS498: Innovation and Terrorist Tactics Wednesdays 4:00-6:15 p.m. (Room TBA) Instructor: Dr. Laura Dugan, Associate Professor, Criminology This course will introduce and trace the adoptive patterns of innovative tactics used by terrorist organizations. It will begin by setting the tactical stage since the invention of dynamite in the 19th century. From there we will study the first international aircraft hijacking and trace developments of aerial hijacking up to September 11th.

We will then examine the advent of suicide terrorism in the early 1980s and examine patterns of adoption by other terrorism movements. The students will also learn about instances where terrorists have employed chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weaponry. We will discuss the potential adoption of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists. Finally, the course will explore how the advent of the Internet has facilitated global terrorism. Departmental permission required for enrollment.

Interested students should contact Dr. Kate Worboys via email at kworboys@start.umd.edu. No phone calls, please.