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New Research Briefs Available from START

START is pleased to announce the release of two new publications in its Research Brief series:

  • An Experimental Investigation of the Choice of Terror and Support for Taking Action by Victor Asal (University at Albany, SUNY), Anthony Lemieux (SUNY Purchase), and Jonathan Wilkenfeld (University of Maryland) brings together theories and methods from psychology and political science to explore how an individual's perceived level of grievance and risk affects the likelihood that an individual would support the use of terrorism.
  • Support for the Caliphate and Radical Mobilization by Douglas McLeod and Frank Hairgrove of the University of Wisconsin presents an overview of the concept of a Caliphate and explores differing visions of the Caliphate among radical Muslim groups. McLeod and Hairgrove provide insights from historical research, personal interviews, and a large-scale survey in Indonesia about the concept of the Caliphate as a catalyst for mobilization. START's Research Brief series was developed to deliver findings from ongoing START research projects to a broad audience.

The Briefs are intended to provide empirically grounded insights on specific topics related to START's overall mission of understanding the human causes and consequences of terrorism.

The full text of all START Research Briefs can be downloaded here from our Publications section as PDFs.