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START Announces 2009-10 Terrorism Research Awards

START Announces 2009-2010 Terrorism Research Awards

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) today announced the recipients of their 2009-2010 Terrorism Research Award (TRA) recipients.

TRA recipients are actively engaged in critical research related to the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism, consistent with the mission of START. Each recipient is paid $5,000 to enhance his/her START research and professional development and receives funds to attend the 2009 and 2010 START Annual Meetings in College Park, MD. After a rigorous and competitive selection process, START has selected 10 TRA recipients for the 2009-2010 Academic Year.

Post-doctoral recipients of the TRA include:

  • Manuela Caiani, European University Institute, Political Science, "Patterns of Right-Wing Political Radicalization Using the Internet within the United States and Europe"
  • Frank Foley, Stanford University, Political Science, "Comparative Analyses of British, French, and US Counterterrorism"
  • Joseph Young, Southern Illinois University, Criminology, "Why Do Terrorist Groups Endure?"

Pre-doctoral recipients of the TRA include:

  • Colin Barnes, University of Oklahoma, Social Psychology/Sociology, "Acts of Terrorism As Offenses Against Honor"
  • Arthur Bernhoff, University of St. Andrews, International Relations, “Strength in a Weakened State: Interpreting Hizb’allah’s Experiences as a Social Movement and Governing Coalition in Lebanon 1985-2013”
  • Kurt Braddock, Pennsylvania State University, Communications, "Role of the Internet in Extremist Group Recruitment"
  • Anonymous Student, UC San Diego, Political Science, "Armed Groups' Provision of Public Goods: Situational Bargaining in Rebel-Donor Relationships"
  • William Parkin, John Jay College, Criminology, "Homicide Victims of Terrorism and Ideologically Motivated Crime"
  • Lisa Sacco, SUNY Albany, Criminology, "Counterterrorism and State Bureaucracy: An Examination of the State's Homeland Security Responsibility"
  • Gabriella Sanchez, Arizona State University, Criminology, "Dynamics of Drug and Human Smuggling Organizations Operation Along US-Mexico Border"