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START interns prepare for capstone presentations

Just as every school semester ends with exams and projects, a culmination of everything the student has learned, START internships end with presentations of their own. Over the course of two Fridays in August, START interns will showcase a capstone project that puts into practice the knowledge and methods they have learned over the summer. The presentation varies for different internship projects. For example, Global Terrorism Database (GTD) interns and John Jay College of Criminal Justice student interns will present as groups, while others may present individually.
These groups will formulate research questions that they can address in their presentations with the research they did throughout the summer. Students working in the Special Projects division will have a slightly different presentation. They will be "red teaming," which means that individuals will have to think like a terrorist or someone trying to prevent a terrorist attack and respond based on different scenarios. Teams will present Aug. 3 and 10 on campus in Symons Hall.
For more information, contact infostart@start.umd.edu.