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A consortium of researchers dedicated to improving the understanding of the human causes and consequences of terrorism

Red Teaming

Title Sort descending Investigators Project Period
Advancing U.S. CWMD/CWMT Capabilities in Support of the SIGMA+ Program through Development of Anticipatory Human Social Systems Models and Adversary Weapon Selection Decision Processes Steve S. Sin, Ph.D., Thomas Guarrieri -
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency SIGMA+ Thomas Guarrieri, Marcus A. Boyd, Steve S. Sin, Ph.D. -
Title Sort descending Job Title Institution
person-default Alexandra Williams Junior Researcher University of Maryland
person-default Devin Ellis Researcher, ARLIS University of Maryland
person-default Megan Rutter Junior Researcher, START University of Maryland
person-default Rebecca (Becca) Earnhardt PhD student
Research Associate, Stimson Center
University of Maryland
person-default Rhyner Washburn Research Affiliate University of Maryland
Robert lamb Robert D. Lamb ICONS Director and Associate Research Scientist University of Maryland
Steve Sin Steve S. Sin, Ph.D. Associate Research Scientist & Director, Unconventional Weapons & Technology Division
Adjunct Professorial Lecturer, School of International Service, American University
Adjunct Instructor for Forensic Sciences, Oklahoma State University
Chief Academic Officer, Platinum East
University of Maryland
Guarrieri Thomas Guarrieri Director of Undergraduate Studies
Assistant Research Scientist, Unconventional Weapons &
Technology (UWT) Division, START
University of Maryland