Advancing U.S. CWMD/CWMT Capabilities in Support of the SIGMA+ Program through Development of Anticipatory Human Social Systems Models and Adversary Weapon Selection Decision Processes

Project Details


This research effort will provide the U.S. government first of-its-kind adversary social systems models in support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s SIGMA+ Program. Results of this research effort, in addition to contributing to the success of the SIGMA+ Program, will also contribute greatly to the advancement of the U.S. government’s overall capability to defend against weapons of mass destruction/weapons of mass terror (WMD/WMT) threats. The research will result in several products that will become integral components of the SIGMA+ system, including an Adversary Weapon Selection Dataset (AWSD), an Adversary Automated Template Generation Tool (AATG Tool) and a Geospatial Risk Mapping Tool.


Project Period: