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START News: ISIL in IRAQ; AQAM in the US

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  • The Evolution of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
  • Fatal attacks and plots by supporters of AQAM in the US
  • Discussion Point: Individuals and "The Islamic State"
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FACT SHEET: The Evolution of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
A new START Fact Sheet examines the evolution of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) by enumerating the relationships the terrorist organization has held since 2004. The report profiles the group’s adversarial relationships; adversarial relationships that were previously positive; and collaborative relationships. Read more.
AQAM fatal attacks and plots in the US
In a new report and research brief, START researchers examine the fatal attacks and violent plots committed or attempted by supporters of al-Qa’ida and its affiliated movement (AQAM) in the United States (1990-2013). The new report and brief look at the perpetrators, targets, weapons and locations associated with these incidents. Read the report or brief.



Transcending Organization: Individuals and “The Islamic State”
In this editorial piece, START Researcher Jarret Brachman discusses the ways that foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq are leveraging social media, and how counterterrorism policy and practice must rethink the way it approaches countering online radicalization. Read more.


The Relationship Between Hate Groups and Far-Right Ideological Violence
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
Adamczyk, Amy, and Jeff Gruenewald, Steven M. Chermak, Joshua D. Freilich
Finding Bin Laden: Lessons for a New American Way of Intelligence
Political Science Quarterly
Dahl, Erik J.
The Future of Terrorism Research: A Review Essay
International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice
Freilich, Joshua D., and Steven M. Chermak, Jeff Gruenewald

State Capacity and Terrorism: A Two-Dimensional Approach
Security Studies
Hendrix, Cullen S., and Joseph K. Young
Defining and Understanding the Jihadi-Salafi Movement
Asian Security
Karagiannis, Emmanuel
The nexus between terrorism and product counterfeiting in the United States
Global Crime
Sullivan, Brandon A., and Steven M. Chermak, Jeremy M. Wilson, Joshua D. Freilich


Global thinker, peace researcher: Dr. Erica Chenoweth
START investigator Erica Chenoweth has recently received high-level recognition for her groundbreaking research on political violence and civil resistance. She discusses the work that earned her awards from Foreign Policy and the International Studies Association, and what’s on the horizon. Read more
Dagher discusses ISIL in Iraq and new public opinion data
In a special lecture at START, Dr. Munqith Dagher offered his observations on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Iraq, the country’s future and Iraqi public opinion, based on recent cutting-edge poll data. Slides from the lecture are available upon request. Read more.
START's Mansoor Moaddel publishes findings from Iraq values surveys
Through the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research Population Studies Center, START Investigator Mansoor Moaddel recently published findings on survey work in conducted in Iraq. He examined several nationally representative surveys carried out in Iraq between 2004 and 2013, which provided important facts about Iraqi orientations toward secular politics, the basis of identity, Americans, and Iranians. Read more.
START Graduate Certificate: Recent changes allow for additional scheduling flexibility and financial aid
The START Graduate Certificate has shifted to a traditional academic semester schedule and is offering two courses per semester, meaning that students can now tailor the program length to better suit their needs – finishing in as little as nine months, or extending to two years. This change also allows the opportunity to apply for federal financial aid. To receive a virtual information packet or information on upcoming virtual information sessions please email education@start.umd.edu.  To begin the program during the fall 2014 semester, apply by July 1.
START launches infographic series with War on the Rocks
START has partnered with the popular foreign policy and national security news and commentary website War on the Rocks to publish a series of infographics based on data from the Global Terrorism Database and related START projects. Read more.
Biswas on the Indian Government’s approaches to managing conflict
Bidisha Biswas, START Terrorism Research Awardee, discussed her new book, “Managing Conflicts in India: Policies of Coercion and Accommodation.” Read more.
START intern recounts quarantine in China
Although Moriah Sulc’s internship at START focuses on domestic terrorism with the PIRUS project (Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States), the path that led her to START involved a unique incident of a more international nature. Read more.


Disengagement from the white power movement,” Robert Örell START Lecture, Noon July 2 at START Headquarters.
This event will also be webcast. Request the link and log-on information here.


START Graduate Certificate: Apply by July 1.
START summer courses online and open to all. Application deadlines vary.
George Mason University Short Course with START instructors, “21st Century Terrorism: Emerging Trends and Evolving Tactics.” Deadlines vary.
Colorado Technical University (CTU)’s Wounded Warrior Scholarship Program. Apply by September 1.


The New York Times: Rebels’ Fast Strike in Iraq Was Years in the Making
The New York Times published a graphic using data from START’s Global Terrorism Database alongside a Sunday edition, front-page article discussing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) growing power in Iraq. The graphic illustrates past extremist attacks in Iraq that could be attributed to ISIS. Read more.
HuffPost Live: Las Vegas Shooting is Domestic Terrorism
START Investigator Anthony Lemieux remarks on the threat of domestic terrorism in light of the Las Vegas shooting with HuffPost Live host Ricky Camilleri. Watch now.
Thomson Reuters: Afghan and Pakistani Taliban attacks
A graphic created by Reuters using data from START’s Global Terrorism Database depicts attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan attributed to the Taliban and Tehrik-I Taliban Pakistan (TTP) since 2001. Read more.
CBS: With big cities ramping up counterterrorism efforts, is the Midwest a hot target for terrorists?
A CBS article on counterterrorism efforts and possible security threats in the Midwest quotes START Investigator Anthony Lemieux, who states that Midwestern cities do not have a higher risk of a terrorist attack. Read more.

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