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START researcher to publish book on suicide bombings

START researcher Jeffrey Lewis' new book, "The Business of Martydrom," examines the history of suicide bombings and presents explanations for these bombings. The book draws on the changes and perspectives of suicide bombings and their global decline. In his book, Lewis includes:

  • A historical timeline of suicide bombings since the 1800s
  • The motivations of suicide bombings and the users of suicide bombers
  • A comparative analysis of suicide bombings and where they occur

START director Gary LaFree will write the book's introduction.

Lewis is professor of international studies at Ohio State University. He was the recipient of the Fulbright Grant in 1999-200, the German Academic Exchange grant in 2001 and a guest scholar post at Germany's Max-Planck-Society for the Advancement of the Sciences in 2002. His research analyzes the importance of national security in response to science and technology.

The book will be available April 2012. For more information on "The Business of Martydrom," please click here.