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START students discuss job opportunities with Lockheed Martin executives

In collaboration with the student-run Maryland National Security Collective (MNSC), START sent 27 undergraduate and graduate students to Lockheed Martin's Gaithersburg office last month for a career session. The trip, which was organized by MNSC Founder Benjamin Solomon and START's Education Coordinator Sarah Fishering, provided students with an opportunity to discuss existing and forthcoming internship and career opportunities with Lockheed Martin executives and gain key insights into the company's current cyber security initiatives.

For many students the experience was eye-opening.

"Before the trip, I really believed that cyber security was solely a technical field," senior geographic information systems major and aspiring research analyst Moustafa Mohamed said, "but it's very conceptual, as well, and encourages analysis rather than coding."

Solomon and Fishering hope to continue MNSC and START's collaboration by making the Lockheed visit an annual event.

"I think this would be beneficial for both the student body and Lockheed?especially from a recruiting perspective," Solomon said.


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