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Cybersecurity and Cyberterrorism

Cybersecurity and Cyberterrorism

Project Title Investigators Project Period
Consensus Framework for Informing Decision-Making in the Biological Threat Characterization Program Gary Ackerman September, 2013 to September, 2014
Project Title Publication Date START Authors Publication Type
A Surveillance Banner on Compromised Computer Systems Reduces Hackers’ Active Engagement July 2015 Maimon, David Research Brief
An Exploratory Analysis of the Characteristics of Ideologically Motivated Cyberattacks August 2020 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Journal Article
Call to Action: Mobilizing Community Discussion to Improve Information-Sharing About Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems and Critical Infrastructure July 2019 Washburn, Rhyner Conference Paper
Computing in Compromised Environments: Beyond the Castle Model of Cyber-Security February 2016 Leuprecht, Christian Book Chapter
Cyber Threat posed by North Korea and China to South Korea and US Forces Korea January 2009 Sin, Steve Journal Article
Cyber-Dependent Crimes: An Interdisciplinary Review January 2019 Maimon, David Journal Article
Cyber-Sophistication Assessment Methodology for Public-Facing Terrorist Web Sites April 2017 Ligon, Gina Scott Journal Article
Defender–Attacker Games with Asymmetric Player Utilities September 2019 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article
Determining Extremist Organizations' Likelihood of Conducting Cyber Attacks June 2016 Washburn, Rhyner; Sin, Steve Conference Paper
Examining Ideologically Motivated Cyberattacks Performed by Far-Left Groups January 2019 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Journal Article
Exploring the Subculture of Ideologically Motivated Cyber-Attackers April 2017 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Journal Article
Hacking the Human Body: The Cyber-Bio Convergence April 2019 Earnhardt, Rebecca (Becca) White Paper
Illegal Roaming and File Manipulation on Target Computers: Assessing the Effect of Sanction Threats on System Trespassers’ Online Behaviors August 2017 Maimon, David Journal Article
Perspectives on Cybersecurity Information Sharing among Multiple Stakeholders Using a Decision-Theoretic Approach August 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article
Reducing Terrorism through Situational Crime Prevention November 2008 Freilich, Joshua Book
Repression, Education, and Politically Motivated Cyberattacks August 2016 Young, Joseph; Asal, Victor Journal Article
Research Brief: Significant Multi-Domain Incidents against Critical Infrastructure (SMICI) Dataset December 2019 Washburn, Rhyner; Sin, Steve Research Brief
The Damoclean Sword of Offensive Cyber: Policy Uncertainty and Collective Insecurity March 2019 Leuprecht, Christian Journal Article
Image Title Job Title Institution
David Maimon David Maimon

Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

University of Maryland
Egle Murauskaite

Senior Researcher & Simulation Developer, ICONS Project, START

University of Maryland
START Researcher Gabrielle Matuzsan Gabrielle Matuzsan

Analyst, Government Accountability Office

Gary Ackerman Gary Ackerman

Associate Professor, SUNY Albany

University at Albany, State University of New York
Gary LaFree

Founding Director, START; Chair, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

University of Maryland
Joshua Freilich


John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York
Jun Zhuang

Associate Professor of Engineering

University of Buffalo
Katherine Izsak Katherine Worboys Izsak

Academic Director, UMD College of Information (iSchool)

University of Maryland
Prabhakar Misra Prabhakar Misra

Professor of Physics

Howard University
Rhyner Washburn

Cyber Intelligence Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Steve Sin

Director, Unconventional Weapons and Technology (UWT)

Subject Matter Expert Instructor, National Center for Security & Preparedness

University of Maryland
Tyler A. Clark

Junior Researcher, UWT

University of Maryland

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