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New Modern War Institute article series focuses on cyber and influence operations

The Modern War Institute (MWI) is releasing a new article series on cyber and influence operations in great power competition this month.

The 15 articles in the series are written on diverse topics, each produced by an invited expert practitioner and edited by U.S. Military Academy at West Point Instructor Margaret W. Smith and START Near-peer Competition Lead Researcher Barnett Koven.

“The U.S. government finds itself in a state of perpetual competition with near-peer competitors,” Koven said. “These adversaries recognize that this competition is principally non-kinetic, playing out largely in third countries, and their central foci are operations in the information environment (OIE) and the cyber domain. Unfortunately, the United States is playing catchup. This series will provide senior leaders and cadets alike a starting point for understanding the application of cyber capabilities and OIE for great power competition.”

Each article will be published on MWI’s website once a week on Monday. The first article, released today, is titled “Incorporating the Cyberspace Domain: How Russia and China Exploit Asymmetric Advantages in Great Power Competition.”

“We are very excited about the diverse line up of expertise involved in the series, reflecting top talent from the Department of Defense and interagency, academic and industry experts,” Koven said.

The next article, entitled “Over-classification and Its Impact on Cyber Conflict and Democracy,” will be released on March 22.