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Call for Proposals: Interactive teaching units on human aspects of cybersecurity

$1,000 grants available

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) is issuing a call for proposals to develop interactive teaching units on human aspects of cybersecurity.

START defines "human aspects of cybersecurity" as materials that explore the origins and motivations of digital criminals/digital terrorists, that explore the impact of digital attacks and the threat of attacks on communities, and that explore strategies for attack preparedness and mitigation.

START defines an "interactive teaching unit" as a set of materials that would cover a 60- to 90-minute class period, and which include readings, instructional material, a creative group activity (such as a simulation or collaborative online research assignment), and an assessment rubric. Two sample teaching units (minus assessment rubrics) accompany this call for proposals.

To apply, please address a memorandum to START's Education Director, Kate Izsak, including 1 to 2 paragraphs explaining your idea and noting how you will incorporate readings, instructional material, group activities, and rubrics into your teaching unit. Please also submit a current curriculum vitae. START will make six $1,000 curriculum development awards. START will accept applications on a rolling basis with the goal of awarding all funds by September 2013 and receiving completed materials by February 2014.

To view the full call for proposals, with samples and additional information, visit CybersecurityRFP.pdf.