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Big, Allied And Dangerous (BAAD) Fact Sheet


BAAD Version 1.0 (BAAD1) contains a single snapshot of 395 terrorist organizations active (meaning they perpetrated at least one attack) between 1998 and 2005. This dataset grew from the information originally hosted by the Memorial Institute for the Preventions of Terrorism in their Terrorism Knowledge Base. The case-by-variables dataset is available for download.

BAAD Version 2.0 (BAAD2) improves upon BAAD1 by:

  • providing time series data in yearly slices,
  • expanding the time period forward through 2014
  • increasing the number and depth of variables collected and coded
  • expanding the number of entities covered to include insurgent organizations
  • providing a “cross-walk” that enables researchers to link BAAD2 characteristics data to other data sources.

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