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Biosecurity in the Americas: Regional Threat Assessment


This publication, currently available in Spanish, provides a breadth and depth of focuses as a high-level assessment of the Central and South America regions and introduction to key topics as:

  1. The needed expansion of understanding of the differences and areas of collaboration between the concepts of biosafety and biosecurity,
  2. Existing international obligations to biosecurity through the BWC and UNSC Resolution 1540,
  3. How biosecurity applies to and may differ in application across a variety of facility types that engage in biological research or production, whether private or public laboratories, agricultural or university-based facilities,
  4. Biosecurity risks that include proliferation, bioterrorism, agroterrorism, and biocrime,
  5. The five pillars and mechanisms of biosecurity,
  6. Lastly, the application of biosecurity in the Central and South American regions.


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Binder, Markus K., Alexandra M. Williams, and Steve S. Sin. 2023. “Biosecurity in the Americas: A Regional Threat Assessment.” Washington, D.C.: UNSCR 1540 Implementation Program of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism, Organization of American States, July.