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Insider Threat for Inbound International Air Cargo


The Insider Threat for Inbound International Air Cargo Project arose out of an identified requirement from the Department of Homeland Security for an assessment of insider risks with respect to international air cargo bound for the United States from last points of departure abroad. The threat focus was radiological and nuclear (RN) terrorism, ranging from use of a cargo aircraft’s payload to deliver improvised nuclear devices into U.S. airspace, to attempts to smuggle special nuclear materials or other radiological substances into the U.S.

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Ackerman, Gary, and Herbert Tinsley, Gabrielle Matuzsan, Michelle Jacome, James Halverson. 2015. "Insider Threat for Inbound International Air Cargo," START Research Brief. https://www.start.umd.edu/sites/default/files/publications/local_attachments/START_UWT_InsiderThreatforInboundIntAirCargo_Oct2015.pdf