Insider Threat for Inbound International Air Cargo


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The flow of air cargo includes a variety of operations, starting well before arrival at a last point of departure (LPOD) and loading onto an aircraft. There are potential insider vulnerabilities at each phase of operation. Through the development of a mutil-layered operational model, this project will provide understanding and analysis of insider vulnerabilities at each operational phase, characterize the deterrent value of existing safety, security, regulatory and business systems, and identify where enhancements are needed to reduce insider threats.

Researchers will conduct a literature review and interview SMEs to identify potential aviation insider threat indicators, mechanisms and specific adversaries, as well as the defensive capabilities and vulnerabilities currently in place or development. This information will be integrated into an operational process model. This model will then be analyzed to identify potential vulnerabilities, as well as opportunities for deterring and/or deflecting potential adversaries. The model will be validated and refined through external review and one in-depth qualitative case study that involves field work. Once the model has been refined it will be used to perform an assessment of gaps and vulnerabilities within the international air cargo system.


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