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START Announces 2011-2012 Terrorism Research Award Participants

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) today announced the recipients of their 2011-2012 Terrorism Research Award Participants (contingent upon START's receipt of Center of Excellence funding for 2011 through 2016). Terrorism Research Award winners are actively engaged in critical research related to the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism, consistent with the mission of START.

Each scholar receives $5,000 to enhance his/her START research and professional development, as well as funds to attend the 2012 START Annual Meeting. After a rigorous and competitive selection process, START has selected 10 award winners for the 2011-2012 Academic Year.

Post-Doctoral Award Recipients

Colin Barnes, Social Psychology, University of Oklahoma, "Linking Culture-of-Honor Theory with Militant Responses to Foreign Terrorism" (Mentor: Kelly Damphousse, University of Oklahoma)

Syed Ejaz Hussain, Criminology, Punjab Police, "How the Presence of Conflict in a Police District Affects the Likelihood of Terrorism" (Mentor: Gary LaFree, University of Maryland)

Kate Ivanova, Political Science, Ohio State University, "Links Between the Arms Trade and Terrorism" (Mentor: Robert Greenbaum, Ohio State University)

Pre-Doctoral Award Recipients

Angela Scholes, Forensic Psychology, University of Surrey, "Observable Behaviors in Kidnapping and Political Assassination Incidents" (Mentor: Margaret Wilson, University of Liverpool)

Tricia Bacon, International Relations, Georgetown University, "Strange Bedfellows or Brothers-in-Arms: Why Do Terrorist Organizations Ally?" (Mentor: Gary Ackerman, University of Maryland)

Katherine Boyd, Criminal Justice, John Jay College, "Global Jihad Groups Operating in Different Countries" (Mentor: Joshua Freilich, John Jay College)

Sarah Lyons, Social Psychology, University of Maryland, "How Acculturation Experiences Induce Immigrants and Biculturals to Become More or Less Susceptible to Recruitment by Extremist Organizations" (Mentor: Michelle Gelfand, University of Maryland)

Muniba Saleem, Social Psychology, Iowa State University, "Media and Acceptance of Muslims within the American National Identity: Differential Responses from Muslim-Americans and Non-Muslim Americans" (Mentor: Anthony Lemieux, Purchase College)

Agatha Hultquist, Political Science, University of Maryland, "How Access to Channels of Political Participation Impacts Violent Strategies of Militant Groups" (Mentor: Johanna Birnir, University of Maryland)

Aila Matanock, Political Science, Stanford University, "Why Do Terrorist and Other Militant Groups Sometimes Participate in Elections as Political Parties? " (Mentor: Martha Crenshaw, Stanford University)