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Publication Title Publication Datesort ascending START Authors Type Research Areas Regions
A Qualitative Examination of How Somali Young Adults Think About and Understand Violence in Their Communities May 2020 Decker, Scott H. Journal Article Countering Violent Extremism, Radical Beliefs and Behavior North America
Attitudes Regarding Becoming an Engaged Bystander for Targeted Violence Prevention May 2020 Weine, Stevan Journal Article Countering Violent Extremism North America
The Essence of Hate and Love May 2020 McCauley, Clark Book Chapter Individual Behavior
Maritime Insurgency May 2020 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements
100 Days Later: COVID-19: Implications for Managing Terrorism and Asymmetric Threats May 2020 Braniff, William Discussion Point Terrorism and Society, Counterterrorism Global
The ABC Model: Commentary from the Perspective of the Two Pyramids Model of Radicalization May 2020 McCauley, Clark Journal Article Radical Beliefs and Behavior
Discursive Turns and Critical Junctures: Debating Citizenship After the Charlie Hebdo Attacks May 2020 della Porta, Donatella Book Terrorism and Society
Contextualizing Disengagement: How Exit Barriers Shape the Pathways Out of Far-Right Extremism in the United States May 2020 Yates, Elizabeth; Jensen, Michael; James, Patrick Journal Article Disengagement North America
Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS) May 2020 Yates, Elizabeth; Jensen, Michael; Kane, Sheehan Research Brief Terrorism and Society, Radical Beliefs and Behavior North America
Do White Supremacist Women Adopt Movement Archetypes of Mother, Whore, and Fighter? May 2020 Simi, Peter Journal Article Individual Behavior
Fratricidal Rebels: Ideological Extremity and Warring Factionalism in Civil Wars April 2020 Hafez, Mohammed Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements Middle East and North Africa
Transnational Volunteers: American Foreign Fighters Combating the Islamic State April 2020 Young, Joseph Journal Article Individual Behavior Middle East and North Africa
Immediate and Early Interventions for Children and Adolescents Post Terrorism April 2020 Pfefferbaum, Betty Book Chapter Resilience
Truth and Significance: A 3N Model (Needs, Narratives, Networks) Perspective on Religion April 2020 Kruglanski, Arie Book Chapter Individual Behavior
Counterterrorism Net Assessment Data Structure April 2020 Koven, Barnett S.; Lindquist, Katy; Erdemandi, Max Project Fact Sheet Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements, Crime and Terrorism, Counterterrorism, Countering Violent Extremism Global
Mental Health and the Covid-19 Pandemic April 2020 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article Individual Behavior, Resilience
Eyes of the Storm: How Citizen Scientists Contribute to Government Forecasting and Risk Communication April 2020 Atwell Seate, Anita; Liu, Brooke; Herovic, Emina; Iles, Irina A. Journal Article Risk Communication North America
Paradoxes of Professionalism: Rethinking Civil-Military Relations in the United States April 2020 Brooks, Risa Journal Article Counterterrorism North America
Machines, Monsters, and Coffin Corners: Broadcast Meteorologists’ Use of Figurative and Intense Language During Hurricane Harvey April 2020 Sutton, Jeannette Journal Article Resilience, Risk Communication North America
Crisis Management Support for the Public and Private Sectors April 2020 Ellis, Devin Project Fact Sheet Resilience
L.E.A.D.I.R. Key Findings April 2020 Ligon, Gina Scott Research Brief Violent Groups and Movements Global
Rehabilitation of Jihadi Terrorists: Current Understanding and Perspectives April 2020 Braddock, Kurt Book Chapter Deradicalization, Disengagement
A Public Health Systems View of Risk Communication About Zika April 2020 Schoch-Spana, Monica; Sell, Tara Kirk Journal Article Resilience, Risk Communication Central America & Caribbean, North America, South America
The SPARS Pandemic 2025–2028: A Futuristic Scenario to Facilitate Medical Countermeasure Communication March 2020 Schoch-Spana, Monica; Sell, Tara Kirk Journal Article Resilience, Risk Communication
Crisis and Risk Communication Scholarship of the Future: Reflections on Research Gaps March 2020 Liu, Brooke Journal Article Resilience, Risk Communication


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