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McCauley_Clark Clark McCauley Professor of Psychology Individual Behavior, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Al-Qaida and Affiliated Movements, Punishment of Terrorism, Security Policy, September 11th, Single-issue Terrorism, Suicide Attacks, Psychology of Terrorism, Terrorist Networks, Threat Assessment, Political Conflict and Violence, Group Behavior, Ecoterrorism, Ethnic Conflict and Violence, Policing Terrorism, Left-wing Terrorism Middle East and North Africa, North America, Western Europe
person-default Nathan Meehan Director of Research and Development, Second Sight Training Systems, LLC Resilience Risk Management, Threat Assessment, Weapons and Tactics, Group Behavior, Emergency Preparedness and Management, Homeland Security Education and Training, Policing Terrorism Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa
person-default Vera Mironova Visiting Fellow
Prabhakar misra Prabhakar Misra Professor of Physics Terrorism and Society, Crime and Terrorism, Counterterrorism, Chemical and Biological Threats, Radiological and Nuclear Threats, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Radiological Threats, Terrorism Databases and Resources, Weapons and Tactics, Bioterrorism, Chemical Threats, Cybersecurity and Cyberterrorism, Homeland Security Education and Training, Innovation and Technology, Nuclear Terrorism North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia
person-default Sophia Moskalenko Postdoctoral Research Fellow for START
Egle Egle Murauskaite Senior Researcher & Simulation Developer, ICONS Project, START Radiological and Nuclear Threats Risk Management, Security Policy, Threat Assessment, Crisis Communication and Management, Cybersecurity and Cyberterrorism, Global Security, International Relations, Not Terrorism Related Eastern Europe, Global