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START Newsletter: Assessing the chem/bio weapon threat; Evaluating jihadist propaganda


Research identifies most likely non-state chem-bio threats
Among violent non-state actors, the threat of chemical or biological (CB) weapons pursuit and use lies heavily with violent jihadists of all stripes, according to a new START Research Brief. Read more.
New study evaluates English-language jihadist magazine
Using the information, motivation, and behavioral skills model (IMB) of behavior change, START researchers recently analyzed Inspire, the online English-language jihadist magazine, to identify the tools to radicalize and recruit Western terrorists and promote a do-it-yourself approach to terrorism. Read more.

Jihadist Radicalisation in East Africa: Two Case Studies
Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
Amble, John C., and Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens
A New Paradigm for the Study of Corruption in Different Cultures
Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling and Prediction
Gelfand, Michele, et al.                              
Lying About Terrorism
Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
Kearns, Erin M., and Brendan Conlon, Joseph K. Young
Revolution for Breakfast: Intersections of Activism, Service, and Violence in the Black Panther Party’s Community Service Programs

Social Justice Review
Pope, Ricky J., and Shawn T. Flanigan
Suicide Bombers in Iraq, 2003–2010: Disaggregating Targets Can Reveal Insurgent Motives and Priorities
Terrorism and Political Violence
Seifert, Katherine R., and Clark McCauley

Singaporean delegation discusses countering extremist propaganda with START
A delegation of Singaporean government officials and members of academia visited START this month to learn more about its research portfolio, focusing on its efforts in countering violent extremism and extremist propaganda. Read more.
A grassroots approach to tackling violent extremism
Independent research consultant Alejandro J. Beutel visited START recently to discuss a detailed guide he developed that focuses on grassroots efforts to counter extremist ideologies and pull individuals back from the precipice of violent behavior. Read more.
START’s cybersecurity fellowship offers UMD undergraduates extensive support
START is recruiting three University of Maryland undergraduate students for the Cyber Security Fellows Program (CySeF) for the 2014-2015 academic year. Read more.
Researcher Spotlight: Brooke Liu
As she pursued her goal of becoming a journalist covering Hispanic/Latino immigrant populations in the United States, Brooke Liu heard a different calling: teaching and researching in the social sciences. Read more.
From Idaho to Utah; Ukraine to D.C.
After serving church mission for two years in western Ukrane, Idaho native Bryan Mansfield is now spending a semester at START, researching illicit trafficking in Europe and Africa. Read more.

Summer internships at START. Apply by April 6.
Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis. Apply by April 15.
Nominate a peer-reviewed article that makes an outstanding contribution. Submit by May 15.
UMD Undergraduate Cyber Security Fellowship Program. Apply by May 16.
START summer courses online and open to all. Application deadlines vary.

Best Doctoral Thesis in the Field of (Counter-) Terrorism Studies Annual Award by the Terrorism Research Initiative. Submit by March 31.
DHS Scientific Leadership Awards for Minority Serving Institutions Granting Bachelor Degrees. Apply by May 1.
Summer Workshop in International Security: Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Apply by May 1.
Executive Program in Counterterrorism, National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events. Apply by June 1.


“Fountainhead of Jihad: The Haqqani Nexus, 1973-2012” Book Talk by Don Rassler.
12 p.m. April 1.
“Advancing Homeland Security through University Research” 10-year Anniversary Event of CREATE and DHS Center of Excellence program. April 24 at CREATE, University of Southern California.

Maryland Day: Explore Our World of Fearless Ideas. April 26 at the University of Maryland.

ABC News: Malaysia - Relative Peace in Southeast Asia Terror Haven
As authorities worldwide search for clues in the case of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, ABC News examines the existence of terrorist groups and terrorist events in Malaysia. START's Global Terrorism Database (GTD) is cited as part of the discussion. Read more.
NBC News: Local terrorism expert weighs in on missing plane
Atlanta local NBC affiliate WXIA 11 interviewed START Investigator Anthony Lemieux about the possibility of terrorism related to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Read and watch more.
Georgia State University: What Causes Terrorist Attacks?
In this professor spotlight, START investigator and Georgia State University associate professor of communication Anthony Lemieux explains why some individuals and groups resort to violence. Watch more.
Washington Post: Montgomery County sees spate of killings, even as overall violent crime decreases
START Director Gary LaFree lends his criminology expertise to shed light on the spike in homicides within Montgomery County, MD. Read more.

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