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Date Title
START newsletter: Overview of 2013 terrorist attacks, groups, regions; Islamic State and al-Qaida similarities, differences
START newsletter: Top terrorist threats in US; Free, online course; Infographic series
START News: ISIL in IRAQ; AQAM in the US
START Newsletter: Understanding terrorism and extremist violence in the U.S.; Another look at lone actors; Earn your Grad Certificate in Terrorism Analysis
START Newsletter: Research examines likelihood of reporting terrorism-related activity; Commentary on Kansas City shootings; Grad Certifcate
START Newsletter: Assessing the chem/bio weapon threat; Evaluating jihadist propaganda
START Newsletter: The state of al-Qaida
START Newsletter: Terrorism and Russia, Olympics; US attacks; Individual radicalization; New website
START Newsletter: Global terrorism increasing; GTD 2012 dataset released; New cyber research
START Newsletter: US beliefs before, after Boston bombings; Terrorist targeting of civilians; Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis
START Newsletter: Intelligence and security; perspectives on terrorism; Hezbollah; 'big data' and coding
START Newsletter: Violent hate crimes and lone-actor terrorism; Cultural values and terrorism; Al-Shabaab
START Newsletter: Characteristics of violent groups; lone actors; security threats abroad
START Newsletter: Southeast Asian terror trends; US assessment of terrorism; Government surveillance
START Newsletter: Research on ELF/ALF; RN smuggling; lone-actor violence
START Newsletter: State Department utilizes START terrorism data and analysis
START Newsletter: Expert commentary, background on Boston Bombings
START Newsletter: County characteristics and incidents of terrorism
START Newsletter: Under Secretary to address Countering Violent Extremism
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