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Publication Title Publication Datesort descending START Authors Type Research Areas Regions
Political Islam in Uzbekistan: Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami February 2006 Karagiannis, Emmanuel Journal Article Radical Beliefs and Behavior Middle East and North Africa
Unholy Alliances? How Trans-state Terrorism and International Crime Make Common Cause March 2006 Gurr, Ted Robert Conference Paper Terrorism and Society, Crime and Terrorism Global
The Impact of a Program of Prejudice-Reduction Seminars in South Africa March 2006 McCauley, Clark Journal Article
The Long Road Home: Race, Class, and Recovery from Hurricane Katrina March 2006 Cutter, Susan Journal Article North America
Commerical Open Source Intelligence: An Organizational Communication Perspective March 2006 Bean, Hamilton Conference Paper
Terrorist Organizational Factors and the Pursuit and Use of CBRN Terrorism March 2006 Ackerman, Gary Conference Paper Terrorism and Society, Chemical and Biological Threats, Radiological and Nuclear Threats Global
The Preconditions for Ethnic Suicide Bombing Campaigns, 1991-2003 March 2006 Asal, Victor Conference Paper Terrorism and Society Global
Ethnopolitical Political Mobilization on the Web March 2006 Harwood, Paul Conference Paper Radical Beliefs and Behavior Global
Mismeasuring Militias: Limitations of Advocacy Group Data and of State-Level Studies of Paramilitary Groups March 2006 Freilich, Joshua Journal Article Terrorism and Society North America
Disaster Research Methods: Past Progress and Future Directions April 2006 Norris, Fran Journal Article
Building a Global Terrorism Database April 2006 LaFree, Gary; Dugan, Laura Journal Article Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements Global
Researching Terrorist Networks April 2006 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
Challenges in Implementing Disaster Mental Health Programs: State Program Directors' Perspective April 2006 Norris, Fran Journal Article Resilience North America
The Inadvertent Effects of Democracy on Terrorist Group Emergence April 2006 Chenoweth, Erica Conference Paper Terrorism and Society Global
Review Essay: Recent Publications on Islamism and Terrorism April 2006 Book Review
Spatial Ordering and Encoding for Geographic Data Mining and Visualization May 2006 Journal Article
A First Look at Domestic and International Global Terrorism Events, 1970-1997 May 2006 LaFree, Gary; Dugan, Laura Conference Paper Terrorism and Society Global
Review Essay: Deciphering Islamism and Terrorism May 2006 Book Review
Terrorists' Motivations May 2006 Conference Paper
The Relationship Between Need for Closure and Support for Decisive Leadership, Readiness to Adapt, and Optimism about Safety When Threatened by Terrorism May 2006 Conference Paper
False Alarms, Real Challenges - One University's Communication Response to the 2001 Anthrax Crisis June 2006 Chess, Caron Journal Article Risk Communication, Chemical and Biological Threats North America
Evaluating Counterterrorism Policies: Deterrence and Defiance Models of Violence in Northern Ireland June 2006 LaFree, Gary Conference Paper Terrorism and Society, Counterterrorism Global
Community Preparedness Networks June 2006 Tierney, Kathleen Conference Paper Resilience North America
Citizen Engagement in Community Preparedness June 2006 Schoch-Spana, Monica Conference Paper
Reinventing Castor and Pollux: The Application of Social Bookmarking Technology to the National Intelligence Domain June 2006 Ackerman, Gary Journal Article


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