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Victims of Terrorism

Victims of Terrorism

Project Titlesort descending Investigators Project Period
Counterterrorism Net Assessment Data Structure (CT NEADS) Barnett S. Koven January, 2019 to January, 2020
Country Reports on Terrorism - Statistical Annex Gary LaFree, Erin Miller May, 2012 to May, 2018
Global Terrorism Database (GTD) Erin Miller, Gary LaFree, Laura Dugan June, 2001 to January, 2020
Global Terrorism Database (GTD) Acceleration Erin Miller January, 2019 to January, 2020
Project Titlesort descending Publication Date START Authors Publication Type
A Meta-analysis of Intervention Effects on Depression and/or Anxiety in Youth Exposed to Political Violence or Natural Disasters February 2019 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
A Study of Selected Ethnic Affiliations in the Development of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Psychopathology After a Terrorist Bombing in Nairobi, Kenya September 2017 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Advantages of Syrian Diaspora Aid to Refugees in Middle Eastern States of the Global South November 2018 Flanigan, Shawn Journal Article
Building resilience to mass trauma events November 2006 Pfefferbaum, Betty; Pfefferbaum, Rose Book Chapter
Children of Terrorism Survivors: Physiological Reactions Seven Years following a Terrorist Incident January 2014 Pfefferbaum, Betty Book Chapter
Community and ecological approaches to understanding and alleviating postdisaster distress November 2005 Norris, Fran Book Chapter
Criminal Justice & Military Deaths at the Hands of Extremists November 2016 Gruenewald, Jeff; Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven; Parkin, William Background Report
Do Direct Survivors of Terrorism Remaining in the Disaster Community Show Better Long-Term Outcome than Survivors Who Relocate? August 2017 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Ethnicity and Altruism after Violence: The Contact Hypothesis in Kosovo October 2014 Mironova, Vera Journal Article
Information Sharing During the University of Texas at Austin Active Shooter/Suicide Event September 2014 Egnoto, Michael Journal Article
Intensely Exposed Oklahoma City Terrorism Survivors: Long-term Mental Health and Health Needs and Posttraumatic Growth January 2016 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Is Viewing Mass Trauma Television Coverage Associated With Trauma Reactions in Adults and Youth? A Meta‐Analytic Review March 2019 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Media Effects in Youth Exposed to Terrorist Incidents: A Historical Perspective February 2018 Pfefferbaum, Betty; Pfefferbaum, Rose Journal Article
Momin Khawaja: Mechanisms of Radicalization August 2016 McCauley, Clark; Moskalenko, Sophia START Reports
P-Flash: Development of an Empirically-based Post-9-11 Disaster Mental Health Training Program January 2008 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Perceived Media Influence, Mental Illness, and Responses to News Coverage of a Mass Shooting April 2017 Atwell Seate, Anita Journal Article
Phnom Penh during the Cambodian Genocide: A Case of Selective Urbicide January 2014 Henkin, Samuel D. Journal Article
Physiologic reactivity despite emotional resilience several years after direct exposure to terrorism January 2007 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Postmemory and the Geographies of Violence at Kraing Ta Chan, Cambodia August 2018 Henkin, Samuel D. Journal Article
Psychosocial Adjustment of Directly Exposed Survivors Seven Years after the Oklahoma City Bombing November 2010 Book Review
Reactions of Oklahoma City Bombing Survivors to Media Coverage of the September 11, 2001 Attacks September 2015 Pfefferbaum, Betty; Pfefferbaum, Rose Journal Article
Regional variation in causes of injuries among terrorism victims for mass casualty events August 2015 Regens, James Journal Article
Reloading the Armalite? Victims and Targets of Violent Dissident Irish Republicanism, 2007-2015 April 2016 Horgan, John Journal Article
Risk in Extreme Environments: Preparing, Avoiding, Mitigating, and Managing January 2018 Bier, Vicki Book
Routine Activities and Right-Wing Extremists: An Empirical Comparison of the Victims of Ideologically Motivated and Non-Ideologically Motivated Homicides Committed by American Far-Rightists August 2015 Freilich, Joshua; Parkin, William Journal Article
Social Norms after Conflict Exposure and Victimization by Violence: Experimental Evidence from Kosovo July 2018 Mironova, Vera Journal Article
Terrorism Media Effects in Youth Exposed to Chronic Threat and Conflict in Israel April 2019 Pfefferbaum, Betty; Pfefferbaum, Rose Journal Article
The Benefit of Interventions to Reduce Posttraumatic Stress in Youth Exposed to Mass Trauma: A Review and Meta-Analysis August 2019 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
The business of healing: Focus group discussions of readjustment to the post-9/11 work environment among workers of affected agencies January 2010 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
The Effect of Interventions on Functional Impairment in Youth Exposed to Mass Trauma: A Meta-Analysis June 2019 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
The Evolution of Prosociality and Parochialism After Violence July 2016 Mironova, Vera Journal Article
The Framing of Atrocities: Documenting and Exploring Wide Variation in Aversion to Germans and German-Related Activities Among Holocaust Survivors January 2006 McCauley, Clark Journal Article
The Relationship between Maternal Psychopathology and Parental Perceptions of Their Children’s Reactions in Survivors of the 1998 US Embassy Bombing in Nairobi, Kenya November 2019 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Trauma, grief, and depression in Nairobi children after the 1998 bombing of the American Embassy January 2006 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Universal Preventive Interventions for Children in the Context of Disasters and Terrorism April 2014 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
Victims of Ideological Homicides, 1990-2014 March 2016 Gruenewald, Jeff; Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven; Parkin, William Research Brief
Violence and the Dialectics of Landscape: Memorialization in Cambodia July 2014 Henkin, Samuel D. Journal Article
What Do The Dead Say? The Architecture of Salvific Discourses in Post-Genocide Rwanda June 2015 Stevenson, John Journal Article

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